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The Photographer - Ryan Rodney - Savannah, Ga



I'm Ryan, I am amateur photographer but aspiring to become a full time professional portrait and lifestyle photographer. I have a couple cameras, a few lenses, and some really cool computer programs.

Photographing people is what I love to do, it is a passion of mine that I engage in for enjoyment and relaxation. I am serious when it comes to the technical complexity of photography, but allow myself to enjoy the process and focus on my primary goal of creating breathtaking portraits from ordinary moments.

If being different is good and being good is different, then I am great at being different... it's what I do... and that's the difference!

My vision is about going beyond what is normally expected and accomplishing it in a new and creative way. It's about presenting you the usual things unusually.

I employ Nikon professional grade equipment, Sekonic light metering products, and top shelf image processing software.